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First Arena Wars Replay Commentary

Yeah, I finally made the first RWA (Replay with Audio) for Arena Wars. There is now a new Replays with Audio Section on, if you want to record and publish yours there, just write me an email with the .AWReplay file.

Download Michi_vs_Seno_commented_by_abi.AWReplay
Choose save as "*.* (all files)" or rename it back to .AWReplay if you got IE, else it might get renamed to .Zip.
You can play any RWA with any Arena Wars version (even the Demo) and even record RWAs with the Demo. Have fun!

Its really fun to record and watch RWA's, I hope you like it and if I get some response in the ArenaWars boards I will do some new cool ones (currently its in english, but maybe someone can convince me to make some german ones too).